We spend so much of our day working, raising our children, loving our pets and binge-watching Netflix. There is barely enough gas left in the tank to load the dishwasher or change over the laundry. When will you actually find the time to re-organize your bathroom cabinets, streamline your walk-in closet or declutter your kitchen cupboards? The answer is NEVER. It's time to send out an SOS!

The team at Simply SOS are people with passion for organized spaces; we believe that clutter in your home leads to clutter of your mind. We do not judge, we only look to help free you from the confines of TOO MUCH STUFF.



My name is Shannon Belanger and I am the founder of Simply SOS.  I'm a natural redhead, lover of chai tea and aspiring yogini.

My partner and I live in West Edmonton and are the proud parents to two little boys, one rescue dog and a betta fish named Swimmy.

I have a degree in Psychology from The University of Western Ontario and a graduate diploma in Human Resources Management from Humber College.  I am a Certified Professional in Human Resources with over 19 years of senior hr leadership experience and am a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC).

2016 was a big year for our family.  Between our first son's neurological disorder diagnosis and the birth of our second, the daily downtown corporate career grind brought me to a crossroads.  Career shift, at my age?  Could I, should I?

Having provided years of organizational services to family, friends and most importantly, my employer - a shift to professional organizing seemed an ideal way to utilize my education, experience and passion to "DO GOOD" for others.

Aided by my psychology degree and nearly two decades of "people" experience, professional organizing is something that has always come naturally to me...and I LOVE it.  Helping my clients UNDERSTAND why their home or workplace is dysfunctional and how to FIX it - it is an honour and privilege. 



Trust is a key part of the relationship between you and the professional organizer you hire.

Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) is the national association that represents professional organizers across the country.

When you select a POC member, you know that this person has taken important professional development steps to further their career.  POC members are committed to professional excellence and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

POC encourages members to take ongoing education. All chapters offer regular meetings where organizers share the latest organizing techniques, products and practices to keep on top of trends and industry knowledge.

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