General Questions

What is a professional organizer?

A professional organizer is someone who provides information, products and assistance to help individuals and businesses achieve their specific organizing needs.


We provide supportive guidance, encouragement and education to help reduce your stress and gain control of your space(s). Utilizing an ethical, confidential & non-judgemental approach, your professional organizer will actively and provide you with the right tools & skills needed to create a more peaceful and positive environment in which to thrive!


Why should I choose a professional organizer over a cleaning service?

A cleaning service will come into your home or office and clean it from top to bottom. 


A professional organizer gets to the root of the issue and then creates a plan to help you put the systems in place to keep your home/business organized, ultimately reducing your stress level and perceived need for a cleaning service. When everything has a place and everything is in its place, your space should be fully functional.


How do I make sure Simply SOS is the right professional organizing fit for me?

Just as you would if you were hiring a contractor, lawyer or any other service professional, you need to take time to evaluate our personality and communication style, to see if we “click”. This is best done during the initial assessment (see “Services Offered”). 


I’m embarrassed to let Simply SOS into my home! It’s a mess!

Please, do not be embarrassed. We are not here to judge, we are here to help. Most people have the best of intentions and we’ve yet to meet anyone that purposefully set out to keep a cluttered home or a disorganized work space. 


There are so many factors that go into what your space looks like. You need to first forgive yourself. Hiring a professional organizer is the bold and brave first step often needed to renew and refresh your space into one that is both functional and purposeful.


Should I tidy up or clean before Simply SOS pays me a visit?

No! Seeing your space in its natural state is ideal. It will help us better appreciate what functions well and what does not, what challenges you face daily and where improvements can be made. You will only ever be asked to show us the areas of your home that you are comfortable sharing.


Am I a hoarder?

We have had many a client think they are a hoarder; most people are not. 


Hoarding is a psychological disorder that should only be diagnosed with the assistance of appropriate medical personnel. If you are wondering if you or a family member is a hoarder, reach out to your doctor or a mental health professional for guidance.


Additional resources can be found at:


In Edmonton and surrounding areas, please contact: or dial 211.


Will Simply SOS make me throw everything out?

NO. During the initial assessment, we will actively listen and gather information regarding you, your family, your lifestyle, what works and what doesn't. We gauge the level of attachment to “things” that each member of the household experiences and develop a plan that respects each person’s limits. 


Throughout the time that we spend together, we will coach you through those tough decisions; encouraging you to keep things that you LOVE and still have an active PURPOSE and guiding you though letting go of things that no longer fit your lifestyle. The final decision is ALWAYS yours.


Does Simply SOS work with persons with disabilities?

Yes! Each client is unique, and this makes our job so amazing. No organizing solution is a one size fits all; the needs, desires and abilities of the client must be considered at every turn. We are always thinking outside the box and encourage our clients to do the same!


Can I afford a professional organizer?

By the time you begin your search for a professional organizer, you have spent (and likely wasted) a considerable amount of time, effort and money trying to address your organizational needs on your own. Perhaps you even hired someone else to help but it didn’t go as planned. Simply SOS’ competitive rates are hourly based. 


Working with us will save you significantly in the long run and often ends up paying for itself over time. When asked if you can afford to hire us, we often counter with, “can you afford not to”? 


How and when do I pay you?

Simply SOS accepts cash, email money transfer, PayPal and credit cards. PayPal & credit card payments are subject to a 5% surcharge.


Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.


What if I spend money to get organized only to find my space cluttered soon thereafter?

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution and not stuck to it? Aimed to eat better or drink more water, only to fall into old habits in a few days or weeks? WE ALL HAVE.


Staying organized takes COMMITMENT. It takes time and it takes effort. So, what now? There IS good news! You’ve already received coaching and mentorship from Simply SOS that can help you reassess and begin anew. Need more support? Simply SOS offers maintenance plans and additional coaching services that help get you back to where you were and keep you on track.


What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way of keeping appointments. We ask that you notify us as soon as is possible of the need to reschedule or cancel. Deposits are non-refundable.


How do I contact Simply SOS?

To inquire further about services or book an initial assessment, feel free to call/text Shannon Belanger at 780-218-3875. Alternatively, you are most welcome to e-mail or connect through Facebook & Instagram ( or Pinterest (@SimplySOS).

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