Where to dispose

Household hazardous waste, electronics & large bulky items should NOT go in your garbage or recycling.   

Instead, the following items are welcomed at your local Eco Station:

  • Electronics:  Includes anything with a cord or battery - old computer components, cell phones, phones, fax machines, answering machines, power tools, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers.

  • Household Hazardous Waste:  If disposal is not handled properly, these items can be harmful to people and the environment. This includes items such as:
    • Automotive:  Filters, batteries, all automotive fluids
    • Batteries:  All kinds
    • Chemicals & Cleaners: Bleach, drain/toilet/oven cleaners, herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer, photo chemicals, glue, etc.
    • Lighting:  All bulbs, fluorescent tubes/ballasts, fixtures
    • Paints & Stains:  all types, including aerosols - full or empty
    • Other:  Aerosol cans (empty, full or partially full), caulking, cement powder, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, propane tanks/bottles, needles and syringes (packaged in a thick screw-top plastic bottle)

  • Large Items, Scrap Metals & Mixed Waste (fees may apply):  Big bulky items should be taken to an Eco Station instead of setting them out for waste collection. This includes items such as: 
    • BBQs, lawnmowers, car parts
    • washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens
    • fridges, freezers, air conditioners
    • sofas, mattresses, box springs
    • fencing, rubble, renovation material
    • tree branches, roots, stumps, soil & gravel


There are many worthwhile non-profit organizations in Edmonton and surrounding areas that are looking for donations of gently used items.  Avoid utilizing their limited funds & manpower to dispose of your unusable & unrecyclable items.  Instead, put out for 'Garbage' Day or employ a junk removal company.

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