Shannon is fantastic! She has helped us with our garage, storage room and laundry room so far. I am pretty sure we will have her organize every room in our house. She is lovely to work with. We are still in awe of what she has achieved in our spaces. Her organization ideas are brilliant! Our best advice is to take the leap, you will not be sorry. I do not know why we waited so long to hire an organizer. 



Shannon is so open and warm she became an instant *friend*.

Some people have a junk drawer. I had a junk ROOM. It was beyond embarrassing, and yet I never felt judged by Shannon.

One of the things I enjoyed most about her service was the picking up of items at IKEA and then assembling them, as well as the taking away of my used things and recycling them or getting them to Goodwill.

Shannon is really an “organizational wizard”. 😁😍 


From our initial meeting of having her do just some simple reorganization of our spaces to the “BIG Clean” we were able to claim back our basement as useable space 😊 Simply SOS really helped to not only organize, purge & declutter …. but she created spaces that flow better for our family & I am ecstatic at the final result!!! These changes are functional for our family and not just a quick clean. So happy with our end result and would happily refer her to friends and family!!


Shannon was amazing. She really listened to what I wanted, needed and what I was willing to do. She made everything so much easier and simpler. With her help, guidance, tips and tools I learned so much. This has motivated me to declutter and organize more areas of our home. Thanks!


Shannon helped us tackle our least favourite space, the basement. Slowly we had started using it less and less as it filled with junk, and it weighed heavy on our minds as we contemplated emptying it so we could start a reno. What would've taken us weeks took Shannon 5 and a bit hours. She was in there, no judgment about dirty dusty corners or ridiculous items we'd held on to. She must have taken 10 bags of garbage and goodwill items away for us and it was like walking back in time; I could see my basement again! It's really got us doing a better job of cleaning out junk upstairs as well, and I tackled my desk at work with Shannon's tips in mind. It was honestly like having a friend come for a visit, one who is more helpful than my husband and I combined. I can't say enough about Shannon and her services and wouldn't hesitate to bring her in again. Thanks!


I hired Shannon to help me to downsize and declutter my condo. She provided excellent service. She was energetic, efficient, thorough and responsive to my needs. I also retained her at very short notice to help me to unpack and organize my belongings after moving to my new residence. The speed at which she completed this task was very impressive. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone in need of the services that she provides. Thank you Shannon.


Shannon is wonderful!!!! She is very dedicated to the job at hand and won't stop till she's finished. She organized (and cleaned as she went) 2 pantries and our kitchen for us and WOW our kitchen is so free of "stuff"!! Thank you sooooo much Shannon!!!


One word for Shannon... AHHmazinng. She is not only great in what she does but also a very fun person to be around. Me and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her company. She did my pantry in just 3 hours and I feel I am sorted for a year. $$ well spent.


Shannon is great! She is so good at her job. It seriously makes a difference having someone know what they are doing while organizing.


My home is now a place of relaxation after having Shannon help me with some organizing, prioritizing & purging. The clutter in my home had a huge impact on how I was feeling. I knew it did but I wasn't sure where to begin & the task felt so overwhelming. Shannon & I had an excellent chat & pinpointed where the stressors where coming from, in my case it was my kids toy room. She helped me tackle it head on with out any judgement, that was huge for me. She has an amazing kind heart & is willing to walk with you through the process with as much support as you need. The toy room no longer creates the stress it had because now even if it gets messy its manageable & toys are no longer trickling through out the house. I will definitely use Shannon's services again in the future!


Shannon came and organized my pantry for me last month. It's still so organized and efficient! I had tried many times to organize it myself over the years but it never remotely resembled the amazing-ness it did after Shannon went through it! I could never keep it "organized" either because I had everything in the wrong place and in the wrong containers. Her visit was well worth the money and I will be hiring her again for my next project. The pantry was a source of stress for myself and my husband and now it is resolved for good! There's a place for everything, I can find everything and there's no clutter on the floor!!! This was above and beyond what I could have imagined!


Shannon is AMAZING! She helped me purge, clean and organize our main floor. It is so true when you declutter your space, you declutter your mind. I couldn't have done it without her! She really worked with me and listened and implemented our ideas. Her attention to detail is phenomenal and her ideas for storage were brilliant! Thank you Shannon so much! You created a space for us that we now love and can enjoy!


Shannon’s services were top notch! She clearly communicated what her intentions were when we initially met and was 100% accurate with her delivery. My kitchen has NEVER been so organized. She was so warm and friendly that it helped dispel any kind of reservations that I may have had. I am so pleased with her services that I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks  Shannon!


I finally couldn't take it and called out an SOS! Shannon has helped with the beginning of the organization / decluttering / and tidying! What a great gal, full of awesome ideas! Easy going and friendly too!


Shannon is AWESOME! I would recommend her to anyone, even if you just need a little help with organization and you get a FRIEND too! She is non-judgemental and that is a big thing when going through getting rid of stuff you have held on to. She helps you make the decisions and long after she leaves, you just want to keep going and purging. She gives you the tools and she will make time for you when you need her back!


Shannon is nothing short of amazing! She has strong spatial awareness and utilizes spaces to their maximum efficiency, making them both functional and beautiful! She empowers you to maintain your space and there's no judgment while she works with you!


Shannon is magic! She has helped us organize, declutter and has given us our home back one room at a time. I 100% recommend her services to anyone who needs help and is feeling overwhelmed! 


Did You Know?

Studies show that clutter can cause:

  • low self-esteem
  • stress, depression, anxiety
  • relationship discord
  • unhealthy eating habits
  • unwanted behaviours

A professional organizer can help give you permission to let go, simplify and RECLAIM your life. 


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